GaAs Wafer

GaAs Wafer

GaAs Wafer

GaAs Wafer

SINCE 2002

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Semiconductor Wafer Inc. ( SWI ) provides both single crystal and polycrystalline GaAs wafer ( Gallium Arsenide ) to opto-electronics and micro-electronics industry for making LD , LED , microwave circuit and solar cell applications , in diameter range from 2" to 4 ". We offer single crystal GaAs wafer produced by two main growth techniques LEC and VGF method , allowing us to provide customers the widest choice of GaAs material with high uniformity of electrical propertirs and excellent surface quality . Gallium Arsenide can be supplied as ingots and polished wafers , both conducting and semi-insulating GaAs wafer , mechanical grade and epi ready grade are all available . We can offer GaAs wafer with low EPD value and high surface quality suitable for your MOCVD and MBE applications , please contact us for more product information .

VGF GaAs wafer

Epi polished


<100> <111>

Epi ready

2" / 3" / 4"

Ra <= 5 A

low EPD

GaAs Wafer Feature and Application

Feature Application field
High electron mobility                 Light emitting diodes
High frequency Laser diodes
High conversion efficiency Photovoltaic devices
Low power consumption High Electron Mobility Transistor
Direct band gap Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor

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Product Specification

Growth LEC /  VGF                                                  
Diameter Ø 2" / Ø 3" / Ø 4"
Thickness 350 um ~ 625 um
Orientation <100> / <111> / <110> or others
Conductivity P - type / N - type / Semi-insulating
Dopant Zn / Si / undoped
Surface One side polished or two sides polished
Concentration 1E17 ~ 5E19 cm-3
TTV <= 10 um
Bow / Warp <= 20 um
Grade Epi polished grade / mechanical grade

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