Silicon Wafer
Thermal Oxide Wafer
SOI Wafer
LPCVD Si3N4 Wafer
Intrinsic Wafer
Ge Wafer
GaAs Wafer
GaP Wafer
GaSb Wafer
InAs Wafer
InP Wafer
InSb Wafer
ZnO Wafer
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Research & Innovation

We have a wide range of products, including wafer & substrate and sputter target materials , product's main application is for Semiconductor, Microelectronics , Opto-electronics , Nanotechnology , MEMS and Biotechnology . Based in Taiwan , we are selling products to customers worldwide, including Japan , Korea , France , United Kingdom , Germany , Australia , India and USA . SWI is your one stop shop for both R&D laboratory and industry production use , We can help you to locate , specify , and purchase unique scientific materials in an efficient and cost effective manner . If you can not find the exact product , or need help , please feel free to let us know .

GaAs Epitaxial Wafer
AlGaAs Epitaxial Wafer
LT-GaAs Epitaxial Wafer
InP Epitaxial Wafer
InGaAs Epitaxial Wafer
GaN Epitaxial Wafer
SrTiO3 Wafer
MgO Wafer
LaAlO3 Wafer
NaCl Wafer
TiO2 Wafer
LSAT Wafer
Quartz Wafer
Fused Silica Wafer
Single Crystal Quartz Wafer
Glass Wafer
Borofloat Wafer
Soda Lime Wafer