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Sapphire Wafer

Semiconductor Wafer Inc. provides sapphire wafer with complete orientation options including C plane , A plane , R plane and M plane , in diameter range  from 1" to 4" , square substrate is also available as well , size from 10 x 10 mm to 100 x 100 mm . Substrate are produed as per SEMI standards it has good surface finish Ra < 5A and high cleanliness , SWI can offer epi ready grade sapphire wafer for your epitaxial growth . Sapphire wafer are produced by Czochralski method , due to it's high strength, high anti-corrosion high anti-abrasion , low dielectric loss and good electrical insulation , single crystal  sapphire wafer plays an increasingly important role as a material for blue LED and high Tc superconductor and microwave applications. Contact us for for further information on price & delivery time .                                                               
Sapphire Wafer Features
High working temperature
Good thermal conductivity
Superior mechanical properties
High anti corrosion
Stable dielectric constant & low dielectric loss
Excellent light transmission   
Sapphire Wafer Applications

Blue LED substrate
Superconductor substrate
Electronics and optoelectronics
UV and optics                                                                                                       

Standard Specifications
Growth method
Crystal structure
<0001> , <1120> , <1102> ,<1010>
C-plane , A-plane , R-plane , M-plane
Dielectric constant
Lattice constant
4.77 A
Tolerance of orientation
+/- 0.5 °
10 x 10 mm , 20 x 20 mm , 30 x 30 mm
 2" , 3" , 4"
Other sizes available upon request
430 um , 0.5 mm or 1 mm
Surface finish
one side or two sides epi polished
Surface roughness
Ra <= 5 A
Package method
Single wafer container or Ampak cassette
Superior quality of products with reliance is our prime consideration.
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