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Sputter Target

Semiconductor Wafer, Inc. (SWI ) provides a wide range of sputter target for thin film coating application. High purity sputter targets are homogenous , fine grained and high density and can be machined to required dimensions . We have sold a lot of sputter targets to customers for R&D laboratory or industry production and have gained a reputation for high performance , Contact us for more product informations .                                                                
Standard Specifications
1", 2" , 3" , 4" , 5", 6" , 8"
400 x 400 mm
2 mm ~ 70 mm
2 mm ~ 70 mm
99.9% ~ 99.9999 %
99.9% ~ 99.9999 %
Backing Plate
OFHC Copper
OFHC Copper
Manufacture Methods
• Vacuum hot pressing
• Hot isostatic pressing (HIP)
• Cold isostatic pressing (CIP)
• Vacuum sintering
• Powder metallurgy
• Vacuum arc melting (VAM)
• Vacuum induction melting (VIM)
• Forging and Rolling
Sputter Target Available
Pure elements
Pure metals
Rare earths
Single crystals
Bonding & Backing Plate

Indium Metal - We use pure Indium metal as the bonding agent , the melting
point for Indium is 156 °C , this may limit the amount of power during
sputtering process .

Silver Epoxy - We use Ag epoxy as the bonding agent for ceramic target
that require a higher melting point .

Backing Plate - Oxygen free copper is the most common backing plate
material , due to it's excellent thermal properties .

Popular Ceramic Targets
Sputter Target Formula Purity ( % ) Method
ITO In2O3 / SnO2 99.99 Hot pressing
IZO In2O3 / ZnO 99.99 Hot pressing
Aluminum oxide Al2O3 99.99 Hot pressing
Titanium carbide TiC 99.90 Hot pressing
BST BaxSr(1-x)TiO3 99.99 Hot pressing
PZT Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 99.99 Hot pressing
Titanium dioxide TiO2 99.90 Hot pressing
YBCO YBa2Cu3Ox 99.99 Hot pressing
YSZ ZrO2 / Y2O3 99.99 Hot pressing
ZAO ZnO / Al2O3 99.99 Hot pressing
ZGO ZnO / Ga2O3 99.99 Hot pressing
Zinc oxide ZnO 99.99 Hot pressing
Impurity Content for ITO Sputter Target
Element Al Ba Cd Cu Fe Ni Pb Sb Si Zn
Content ( ppm ) 5 5 5 10 10 10 10 5 15 5
Pure Element Sputter Target
Rare Earth Sputter Target
Formula Purity Materials   Formula Purity Materials
Ag 4N Silver   Ce 3N Cerium
Al 5N Aluminum   Dy 3N Dysprosium
B 3N Boron   Er 3N Erbium
Bi 3N Bismuth   Eu 3N Europium
C 3N Carbon   Gd 3N Gadolinium
Co 3N Cobalt   Ho 3N Holmium
Cr 3N Chromium   La 3N Lanthanum
Cu 4N Copper   Lu 3N Lutetium
Fe 4N Iron   Nd 3N Neodymium
Ge 5N Germanium   Pm 3N Promethium
Hf 3N Hafnium   Pr 3N Praseodymium
In 4N Indium   Sm 3N Samarium
Mg 3N Magnesium   Tb 3N Terbium
Mn 4N Manganese   Tm 3N Thulium
Mo 4N Molybdenum   Yb 3N Ytterbium
Nb 3N Niobium        
Ni 4N Nickel        
Pb 5N Lead        
Sb 5N Antimony        
Si 5N Silicon        
Sn 5N Tin        
Ta 3N Tantalum        
Te 4N Tellurium        
Ti 4N Titanium        
V 3N Vanadium        
W 3N Tungsten        
Y 3N Yttrium        
Zn 5N Zinc        
Zr 3N Zirconium        
• Semiconductor
• Decorative
• Hard coating
• Solar cell
• Optoelectrics
• Flat panel display
• Data storage
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