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Silicon Wafer

Silicon Wafer

Silicon Wafer

SINCE 2002

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Semiconductor Wafer, Inc. ( SWI ) is a supplier of CZ and FZ silicon wafer and has been the worldwide source for high pure silicon wafers & thermal oxide silicon materials . Silicon wafer is the most common material and widely used for a varity of high-tech industries , including integrated circuits , detector / sensor device , MEMS fabrication, opto-electronic components, and solar cells . With abundant selling and production experiences , SWI understand your requirements and can provide exactly the silicon products you need with the highest quality and lowest possible price . SWI can provide both standard and customized silicon wafers to meet your unique needs . Silicon wafer is produced as per SEMI. Standard and packed in standard cassette with vacuum sealed in clean room enviroment , with a good quality control system , SWI is dedicated to providing clean and high quality silicon wafer products . For standard and frequently used silicon wafer , we always maintains a large inventory including prime wafers and test wafers to insure we can satisfy your requirements in a timely manner . As for non-standard silicon wafer , this is our strength , we have the ability to help customers in finding hard to find or odd silicon wafer . SWI specialized in providing not only bare silicon wafer but also in providing value added silicon products , we can grow thermal oxide ( SiO2 layer ) and deposit silicon nitride ( Si3N4 layer ) onto bare silicon substrate in diameter range from 2 inch to 12 inch , we are ready to work with you for your specific silicon needs . Please contact us for further silicon wafer information .

>=1K ohm-cm

intrinsic wafer

<= 0.005 ohm

<100> <111>

Si+SiO2 wafer

ultra thin wafer

off 4° oriented

Epitaxial wafer

Silicon Wafer Available

CZ or FZ Wafer Prime Wafer
Intrinsic Wafer Test Wafer
Heavily Doped Wafer High Resistivity Wafer
Off Axis Orientation Wafer Special Orientation Wafer
Ultra Flat Wafer Ultra Thin Wafer
Ultra Thick Wafer Double Sides Polished
Thermal Oxide Wafer Epi Wafer

Product Specification

Growth           CZ / FZ
Diameter Ø 2" / Ø 3" / Ø 4" / Ø 6" / Ø 8" / Ø 12"
Thickness 275 um ~ 775 um
Orientation <100> / <111> / <110> or others
Conductivity P - type / N - type / intrinsic
Dopant Boron / Phosphorous / Antimony / Arsenic
Resistivity 0.001 ~ 10000 ohm-cm
Surface One side polished / two sides polished
TTV <= 10 um
Bow / Warp <= 40 um
Grade Prime / Test / Dummy grade

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